Jason Voorhees

That guy was scary. Almost everyone that is currently in their 40s had a nightmare after watching Friday the 13th. You would run from Jason as fast as you can. Yet he would take his time walking through the woods and still catch his prey. It is amazing that any of us ever wanted to go to summer camp after watching any of these movies. What else made him scary? His mask. The goalie mask. I blame Jason for making masks scary.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. A chance to be creative. To change into another personality or character for at least one night. There are different ways to do Halloween. Using your own clothes to create a character. There is a grown man that I see in the world and every time I just remember him from the Halloween that he was Miley Cyrus. But often we wear masks. Scary masks. Hide under leaves and jump out to scare the trick or treaters with your ghoul mask and then will run for cover. Like Jason Voorhees is chasing them.
Facial expressions are also masks. Everyone has had a bad day at work yet put on the mask of happiness to help make it through the day. We can present ourselves in a certain way by wearing our own masks while exploring the world we live in. Some of us are better than others but we all have our own version of daily masks.

Now masks are everywhere. People are making cloth masks. Health care professionals are discussing the differences between surgical and N95 masks. Yet some people do not want to wear masks. I am not angry with them. I am trying to be understanding. Masks have been a sign of danger for years. But we are at a time in humanity that the meaning of masks has to change. They should start to feel reassuring. When I see someone wearing a mask I appreciate that they care about others. I wear my mask to protect you from myself. Make masks beautiful.

As a physician I have had friends/patients ask me if “I am scared of the coronavirus?” My answer – It is more frightening than Jason Voorhees.

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