Magic Mouthwash

Of all words that we should not use in science magic is at the top of the list. Yet we still are prescribing magic mouthwash. Sore throats are a common complaint in the office. So why do some of us decide to add a little magic mouthwash in the mix. What is magic mouthwash anyway? It depends on who you ask. In my world it is a prescription of viscous lidocaine. Some physicians add Maalox while some add Benadryl but some get crazy and add both.

Yet sore throats happen. Most are from viruses but some come from bacteria. Most of us have had Strep Throat at some point. This needs antibiotics. Luckily it still responds to penicillin. Not many illnesses still respond to regular penicillin. Strep throat and Syphilis. The antibiotics help prevent the bacteria from spreading to heart valves but they do not treat the pain. This is where the magic comes in.

Yet we still pretend like there is magic in medicine. Supplements are magical to patients. I start my days on time yet magically end up behind every day. I had a patient who said that a magician made his Vicodin disappear like a rabbit. We discuss the art of medicine. We know there is an art to performing card tricks.

But if your throat is really hurting you should reach for ibuprofen or Tylenol. Leave the magic mouthwash alone. Put the supplements down. Or if you have kids grab some popsicles. They do seem to magically make their sore throats go away. Because they are magically delicious.

The Doc is In

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