Married to a Rapper

What is it like being married to a Rapper…

Well, let’s take it back to 2008 when we met. I was completely shocked when he told me he rapped (due to how shy and quiet he is). I just thought he was trying to look cool and score some extra points, but then he played me all his mixes and I was like WOW, he really is a rapper and extremely talented! I thought it was really cool driving around playing his mixes in my car like, yeah my boyfriend raps! My favorite was when he would make mention of me in them, but I mean that is obvious because I love when people talk about me!! But then he kinda took a break, he would do a few mixes here or there but he just put it on the back burner and lost the drive for it.

This is until Doc and the Deacon podcast was born and he was asked to be a part of it. He got his mojo back!!

Everyone who knows us as a couple knows that I’m the outgoing, loud one and he is very laid back and quiet. I think that is what makes our relationship work so well, we balance each other out. But there is a side to Franchise that not a lot of people get to witness due to how shy he is. But he really is a ton of fun! Honestly, I cannot even think of the words to describe how impressed I am that he can do what he does. You give him any topic and then all of a sudden the gears start turning and he just comes up with bars. Even if he has no idea about the subject, he always makes sure he does his research and gives 100%. Between hearing the beats and placing the words, it’s really impressive. The only downfall to it is, he is his own WORST critic. Myself and sooo many others will say that track is hot, it was so good and in his mind he’s like “I should of did this differently or did that.” It will take him listening to the final version more than a handful of times before he’s like “You know what. That is good.” That is the most frustrating part about being married to him when it comes to his music (I mean there is other non-Franchise things that frustrate me, but we will save that for another time.)

Overall, I would have to say it’s pretty cool to say I’m married to a rapper, we just need to break him out of his shy shell a little bit more. I think a ton of mango cart beers will help nicely with that.

Wifey of Franchise

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