Dangers of Easter

When patients come in with foot swelling. And they have never had it before I feel like I get to be the one playing a game. I blurt out foods. Like the Deacon does with answers to questions when we play a game.
Did you have Chinese? That will always do it. Or was it Dollar Dog night? If you took down over 7 one dollar dogs your ankles may swell a little. If it looks like your socks used to fit and that now your feet are wearing a size Schmedium type sock then you may have overdone it with the salt. This may be a generational thing. My father in law starts to put salt on things before he has even tasted his food. And he is still alive. We love you Pa-Pa.
But on this upcoming Monday after Easter dinner do not call me. It was the Ham. How much did you eat? It is the reason you have swollen legs. Put them up and drink some water. I blame Jesus and the Ham. Do not get me started on Peeps.
Happy Easter
The Doc is In

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