Diarrhea never comes at the right time. You have never planned for diarrhea. No one wants to have diarrhea unless they are trying to hide from their children. It is one of those things that does not discriminate. It happens to all of us. Most diarrhea is due to viruses. The most common are called rotavirus and norovirus. If you get watery stools and diarrhea has arrived there are some things that you can do. Take 2 immodium and do what you can to stay hydrated. I recommend drinking water or an electrolyte solution. Popsicles for the kids. But watch out for red flags. These are the reasons to contact your physician right away. Blood in your stool or the inability to stay hydrated or diarrhea lasting longer than 48 hours or recent antibiotic use. Say yes to immodium and no to diarrhea.
The Doc is In

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