Work Wife

I have sad news. My work wife of 5 years has decided to leave me. For what she thinks will be greener pastures. This leads me to many questions – Why would she leave? What could I have done different? Is it wrong to start looking for a new work wife before my current one has officially left? I caught myself coveting my partner’s work wife. I almost feel bad that I have a new one in my sights while my old one is still here. Deacon – Would you call this a sin? It is like internet dating. She left me yet I feel like I am the one cheating. I have been looking at resumes. Swiping left on some and right on others. After finding out my work wife was leaving it made me have an intense conversation with my actual wife where I explained to her that I need her. I cannot lose another wife. Especially a real one. Especially since she has more blogs to write.
The Doc is In

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