Apparently when you have a podcast you’re always looking for topics and content. Sometimes the strangest, and seemingly benign things serve as inspiration – hunger pangs, T-shirt sizes, PA winters and even potty training. Before you know it, 2 seasons of diverse subject matters have been discussed. Add to that, however – a website and blog and it’s suddenly not as simple to continue to turn out such inventive content quickly. So what is one to do when the inspiration train is running out of gas you ask? Simple. As any smart married man knows, just ask your wife. Why not? Women are among the best multitaskers I know and those who are mothers – forget about it. Moms can endlessly juggle with the best of them while also dodging random hurdles and adjusting the course as necessary. Take, for example yours truly. Add to my full-time career – laundry, meal prep, doctors appointment, groceries and for literal shits and giggles – a 7 year old with a stomach bug – and that was my day today. So being asked to write a post? Sure, why not? I’ve never been one to shy away from homework and hate to disappoint. So here you have it- content. Not sure if this will incite medical conversation or a more religious point of view but my assignment is complete. So check that one off the list, dinner is almost ready.
Wifey AKA Doc’s Better Half

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