Lent has always been used as a time to prepare for Easter. Most religions agree it starts with Ash Wednesday and is accompanied with some degree of fasting expression of simplicity and self-control. Many people in the Northeast use it as a time to give up indulgences like sweets, pretzels or alcohol. This year the Deacon gave up yelling at bad drivers … except I would normally forget a couple of times per day that I had given it penance and start all over again. It only takes 5 minutes on one of these pot-hole ridden over crowded highways around Philadelphia for me to be so thankful for Jesus and the fact that all my cursing and middle fingers are absolved through his death and subsequent resurrection. I’ve still got a couple of weeks left and I am praying everyday for the patience and self-control to be true to my Lenten commitment. He is risen indeed … Holla.
The Deacon Speaks

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