Resolution John 3:16

Third week in January and your resolution has been dropped like a bag of Doritos during a middle school scuffle…not that I would ever let a single Dorito hit the floor but that is a different story. New Years resolutions have been around for thousands of years starting in Babylon…not the David Gray song. The word resolutions comes form the English word resolute (I am not that committed to research I’m sure there is some Greek root like feta or olives.)I do know that John Wesley started Watch Night services in the 1700s normally on New Year’s Eve or Day with an opportunity to pray and reflect on the past year and make new commitments to the year ahead. I think we are built for new beginnings. It feels great to believe the past does not have to determine the future and that you can make an impact on what is to come. As a society we look forward to new days, new weeks, new months and New Years that offer some hope of a new outcome. In the Christian Faith we are told that we become “new bodies” born again when we choose to follow Jesus. In the Bible we learn about an encounter Jesus has with a religious leader Nicodemus where Jesus tells him to “enter the Kingdom if God one must be born again.” To which Nicodemus responded logically about how a person cannot re-enter the womb. Jesus sets him straight and talks to him about the Sin of God being lifted up and then we get the verse John 3:16″God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting lift.” I can tell you the Deacon is still working hard on his resolutions sweating it out at Orange Theory Fitness, working on daily devotionals and eating more Doritos. I’m at least 1 for 3! Tomorrow is a new day, and a great time to pick those chips up off the floor and get your resolution back on track. So don’t lose faith, remember God loves you. The Deacon is praying for you and The Doc is in!
The Deacon Speaks

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