V-Day Poem for Wifey

Roses are red.
Your favorite color is not blue.
You said no presents.
No shoes by Jimmy Choo.
Instead I wrote a poem for you.

We dated for 2 weeks in high school.
Not all of it bliss.
You cheered and did musicals.
I was your first kiss.

I am proud of your career.
Selling drugs, devices and even wine.
Ten years married my dear.
Still your behind is devine.

You wanted to be a mother.
And now we have two.
You used to love to nap.
Now no sleep for you.

Our marriage is not perfect.
Living a lift together brings fear.
Life is about growing with your partner.
Even if he brings you to tears.

I love you more an more most days.
Love watching our kids play.
Even though Kyla pooped her pants today.

You are thoughtful and kind.
But remember I am a man.
And cannot read your mind.

I cannot wait to see you when you are old.
Amazed I married a Canadian girl
Who loves the cold.

I promise this poem is almost done.
I love our life together.
Let’s make out later and have some fun.

The Doc is In

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