Fat Fit

Do you remember when Seinfeld was talking about working out? He was like, “What’s the point? You workout so you can get to the next workout.” I have never had a job that required me to run miles at a time, do burpees, contort my body into a wheel or ride a stationary bike while dancing. Yet, I find myself working out 3-4 times per week. The Deacon is genetically predisposed to not be what you would call “ripped.” In fact, I refer to myself as “fat fit.” I am on a journey to lose a few pounds, look less like the Michelin man on the beach and be able to wear skinny jeans. Well maybe not that …But I also want to be around for my kids and show them that fitness is not just about your reflection in the mirror, it’s that space between your ears. Mine has more space than most, but when I feel good physically, I certainly respond better emotionally. And when I am emotionally healthy, I am more present and engaged with the people in my life. It is a personal journey and I hope you find perspective and give yourself a break. The Bible says your body is a temple and you have to train it. I agree. I may never have a 6 pack, but I can still bench press a keg …so I guess I am living my best life. Cheers to your health…inside and out.
The Deacon Speaks

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