Keep Pushing

Life is hard. Daily Obstacles.

Keep Pushing. Even if it feels impossible.

Grin and bear it. Force through.

Hard work. Practice. Must pursue.

Never give up. Keep fighting.

Believe in yourself. Blood spilling. End is frightening.

Body is broken. Stress holding.

Looking for answers. But bowels are slowing.

Always had grit. Perseverance.

Still failing. Blocked sigmoid. Inteference.

Stressed. Stop guessing. Not abstract.

Not cancer. Not death. Bowels will not relax. Need miralax.

Face sweating. Fists tight. Push hard. Success. Elation.

From demons to depression. Not those. Just constipation.

You finish. Release. Destroy the bowl.

Nothing could stop you. Won the war. Against your own butt hole.

2 thoughts on “Keep Pushing

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  1. HAHAHA! Was this post by any chance inspired by our visit yesterday and the discussion of P. Ret and other intestinal delights? So timely! We had a good laugh when it came through last night! Thanks for thinking of us! 😂 Xo

    Sheila M. Bello 484-802-5112



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