I do not know about many things. But I do know medicine. My 3 year old daughter does not necessarily agree. She has a limited scope of medical knowledge at this time. She knows where her belly is located and that she need nail polish on her toes and earrings in her ears. That is the extent of her anatomy. The only other things she knows that if she gets a boo-boo it should be covered with a Band-Aid. How to apply band-aids is not something that is a focus in either medical school or residency. Thankfully nurses and medical assistants have had this skill. I realize today I do not apply them to her liking. I actually do not always agree that they are needed. Yet she wants one. All the time. She wants me to wear them. Her favorite rapper is likely Nelly. But I want to make her proud. She does not care that I could suture her skin back together she wants me to perfectly align a Frozen Band-Aid on her mildly scraped knees. So I will learn. I want her to be proud. Band-Aids for all.
The Doc is In

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