Turkey Naps

Did you fall asleep after your meal yesterday? Did you blame it on tryptophan? Yeah. We both know you did. But that is not likely to be the reason you took a snooze. There is more tryptophan found in both chicken and cheddar cheese. But yet you still passed out on the couch. Why do you ask? A few reasons. Booze – it may have been an IPA or a mimosa or wine from Scout and Cellar. Carbohydrates – My son ate a ton of potatoes while my daughter played with the mashed potatoes. Time – You had a day off and would prefer to nap then watch the Cowboys win. So you curled up on the couch and got a good nap in. Enjoy it. Blame tryptophan if you want. But at least now you have some reasonable doubt.

The Doc is In

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