Trick or Treat

The Halloween game certainly changes when you have kids. Did you know that across the pond in places like Britain and Ireland people have been going house to house to collect food at Halloween for hundreds of years? Here among the amber waves of grain it’s only been happening since the 20’s. We always have a tough time deciding if we should dress up with the kids and both take them around, or leave someone stationed at home to hand out candy. I guess you could do like the Doc and call for an Uber driver and then have them hand out your candy. The last few years I have seen more and more people that have extravagant set ups at their homes, but it’s centered around the adults. I was at a house on Halloween night that had a full bar, a fire, hot apple cider and a DJ. Needless to say, the Deacon stayed to make sure that everyone’s drink was blessed. There’s even a famous talk show host that asks parents to pretend they ate all the kids candy just to get their reactions. However you celebrate, make sure you find a way to make it about the kids. Our church has an awesome trunk or treat that’s an easy way for families to enjoy the experience in a safe environment. And it makes it easy for the Deacon to grab the full size candy bars cuz they are from the devil himself. Don’t ring my bell, the light is off, and the Deacon is celebrating on the highway to heaven.

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